September 12, 2003

ATS: Sooner Than I Expected

While in the middle of doing the updates, I got the news I was hoping for Episode 6. Only a little info has come out, but it has more details about the mysterious Number 5.
Angel: Night of the Luchadors

The general premise matches Chris's info from The episode revolves around the sole surviving member of a team of professional wrestlers, who back in the 1950's defeated a powerful Aztec warrior. Number Five, as he is named, works in the mailroom at Wolfram and Hart and has been for many years.

Number Five overhears Angel talking about the return of Tezcatcatl, the Aztec warrior whom the brother's slew, at the cost of all their lives but Number Five's. Interesting thing about Number Five, not only does he not have a name, but he has no face as well. He wears the wrestling mask that he wore in the ring.

Figuring that Angel is going to recruit him to fight the warrior, he attacks Angel at Wolfram and Hart and then runs off. Angel tracks him down at his house, and explains that wasn't his intention to have him help then, but it is now. There is a short scuffle, the old man is surprisingly strong. After things settle down, the old man weaves his tale, along with multiple flashbacks to the Luchadors heyday. The flashbacks also revealed that even back then, the Luchadors never removed their masks.

Back in the day, the Luchadors were much like Angel Investigations. They helped save people from supernatural creatures, demons and vampires. The showdown with the warrior was their greatest battle. After the warrior was defeated, and Number Five was the only one left standing, he couldn't get back into the champion groove. One day, a representative from Wolfram and Hart showed up, looking for some muscle. After doing a few jobs here and there, Number Five was relegated to the mail room.

Number Five also reveals why he doesn't care to help anymore, because the tale of their greatest battle is being played for comedy in local wrestling arenas. All he wishes is to die like his brothers, so he can be at piece.

Near the end of the episode, Angel is looking for Number Five because he has a talisman that the demon is after. He finds him in the cemetery, waiting for the demon warrior. Angel demands that he give him the talisman. Number Five wants to make sure the demon finishes the job, so he's swallowed the talisman.
And that's all that I have for the moment. But, as I expected earlier, for a Monster of the Week episode, this one has a really good beat. I think the concept, especially with the flashbacks is great. Plus, there's the possibility that there might be some little twists and surprises for long-time Angel fans, including the eerie similarity between the Luchadors and Angel Investigations.

(Thanks to 'T' for their good timing and info.)

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