September 24, 2003

ATS: More On Seven

Tiny bit more info on Episode Seven, which is still untitled at this time. It fills in what happened with Wesley and Fred, before we came into the story with the previous information.
Angel - Episode Seven

Wesley is meeting with Emil and his two associates (Dante and Philip) in a warehouse. It's your standard-issue dealer/client meeting, with Wesley looking to do business with Emil. Before Emil will hand over the money, he wants to see the merchandise. Fred appears, with a metal case that holds a high-tech rifle. There's considerable interest in both Fred and the weapon. Wolfram and Hart are ready to deliver, but Wes doesn't want to deal with Emil, he would prefer to deal directly with the buyer. Emil agrees to this and is about to give Wes the info he needs, when a grappling hook descends from the ceiling and drags Dante up into the darkness.

Wesley and Fred are confused by who is attacking them as well, so it wasn't something that they had planned. Wesley takes out Philip and that's where my info ends.
While not providing any more info on the plot, it does explain how Fred was injured and why Wesley is blaming himself in the later scene.

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