October 28, 2003

TC: Couple Of Tidbits

As the press builds up for the 'Tru Calling' premiere, a few possibly spoilery tidbits have shown up in various articles. The Boston Globe has run an article, in which it is mentioned that a future victim that Tru may need to save, will be the person who murdered her mother 10 years previously. (You can see a scan of the article at Tru-Fate.com)

And in another article posted at Zap2It, we learn that Tru may not have been the only person who has had this ability. In fact, there may be no coincidence that Tru ended up where she is.

According to Feldman and fellow executive producer Dawn Parouse, Tru alone has this power. There was another, but that person is dead. "There's a mythology that backs that up," Parouse says. "It's no mystery that she wound up at that morgue."

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