December 03, 2003

TC: Episode 13 Spoilers

Episode 13 of Tru and Angel within a single day, good week for spoilers. The episode itself is pretty straight-forward, fitting the typical pattern of show. Next episode we should see, should be one of the new episodes from the additional seven that were ordered. I will note, that just as with Episode Eight, Episode Twelve seems to be missing.
Tru Calling 13: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Very little for the early bits of the episode. The info I have starts about halfway into it, but I can pass along some things that should happen during the first half.

Tru is called to a beauty pageant that Lindsay has helped put together, for a cosmetic company. One of the contestants, Jackie, was found dead in a dressing room. Harrison happened to be one of the judges, along with the president of the company and his wife (Julian and Adrian Barnes).

Tru discovers that Jackie was killed with poison in the make-up she used. In addition, a reporter (Michelle) tries to talk to Tru during the first half of the episode. In the repeat day, one of the other contestants has dropped out. My info begins as Tru arrives to be a replacement.

Lindsay walks Tru into the pageant, telling the stage manager that she's the replacement. Everything is last minute, so Tru doesn't even have an evening gown. Jackie arrives on scene, offering to loan Tru a dress. Tru and Jackie hit if off, until another contestant (Alex) shows up and snarks at Tru. After she leaves, Jackie explains that Alex is always that way. Jackie's different, she's not really into the pageant scene, her students asked her to do it. That's right, she's a elementary school teacher.

Meanwhile, at the judging table, Harrison is sitting with Julian and his wife Adrian. Alex comes out and does her runway walk. Backstage, Tru is about to tell Jackie what is about to happen. But as they enter a dressing room, Jackie discovers that her ex-boyfriend, Tyler, is waiting for her. Jackie is not happy to see him, which raises Tru's suspicions.

After she broke up with Tyler, she moved to New York to get some space. A lot of space since she used to live in the Midwest. Tru wants to know if she should get security, and Jackie asks her to do that. Tyler gets upset and says he'll show himself out.

Back at the judging table, Julian pulls Lindsay aside. He's realized that Harrison is Tru's brother, so he needs Lindsay to fire him because it could compromise his judgment.

At the morgue, Davis is in his office working. Michelle, the reporter who called Tru earlier, comes in looking for Tru. She's attractive, and Davis is more than willing to help her. Michelle lies and says that she's there to pick up a death certificate for a relative.


Back at the pageant, Tru talks to Alex about why she hates Jackie so much. Jackie says that it's only because she has to beat Jackie. It will start her road to stardom, and Tru should keep her mouth shut, seeing as her best friend Lindsay got her into the show. Alex leaves as Jackie finishes her runway walk. Tru tries to convince her that they should just drop out and go for some pizza. Jackie turns her down


At the pageant, the host is interviewing Tru, talking about her job. Jackie cheers from the sidelines, and Tru is concerned when the stage manager approaches and Jackie goes backstage.

We follow Jackie backstage, where she hears voices coming from a dressing room. As she peers into the room. Alex is there getting ready for her appearance, while Julian Barnes is demanding she give him the movie. Alex is not flustered, even when he grabs her arm. She will turn over the sex tape as long as she wins.

Jackie closes the door, just as the stage manager tells her it's time to go on.


Tru talks to Jackie about what happened on stage. Jackie says she's leaving, since it's all rigged anyway. Jackie reveals that Alex has a tape of one of the judges, and that she's blackmailing him to win the competition. She realizes that her mascara has run (she was crying earlier), and she gets some makeup remover. She doesn't want Tyler to back out of his proposal (I think he proposed in one of the missing bits).


The host announces that the winner of the competition is... Alex. Alex pretends to be surprised as the takes in the adoration of the audience. Julian is about to go out to her, when Tru confronts him. He thinks she's upset because she didn't win, but instead Tru pulls out a video tape. She threatens to turn if over to the news crew that is covering the pageant. Julian thinks that she's after money, but all Tru wants to do is to turn himself in for poisoning the make-up.

When Julian appears to be confused, Tru realizes that she is wrong. Julian isn't the killer, because his motive for killing her was to keep her from winning the pageant. It turns out that the real killer as Adrian.
Not really much to add about this one.

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