December 06, 2003

Site News: Updates

Spoilers have been updated for 'Angel' and 'Tru Calling', I have also tweaked the page a bit. As mentioned earlier, I've dropped the rankings as they have become a moot point (pretty much since the middle of the last season of 'Buffy'). I'm working on an overall summary system that will collate all the spoilers to go along with this. Should be in place by next week at the latest.

Updated a few items in the store and wanted to post a reminder that both 'Buffy Season Five' and 'Firefly' will be released on DVD this week. Also including a link to a new Buffy Guide, entitled Dusted. I'm going to enclose a little blurb from the editor.
Dusted provides detailed information on all seven seasons of the TV show, plus the comic and novel series. It strives to cater to both Buffy die-hard fans and newcomers, so we've got nuts-and-bolts stuff like story summaries, reviews and notes on magic and character development. However, we've also included a veritable goldmine of behind-the-scenes trivia, analysis, subtext, etc., which should keep long-time fans more than happy.
Feel free to order them using the links below, and help support the site. As always, for those who have already ordered your copies, thanks for all the support. It's what keeps the site running and remaining pop-up free. Thanks!

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