December 25, 2003

Site News: Questions And Answers

Very little in the way of any news this week, which is to be expected due to the holiday. Which means it's a good opportunity to catch up on some of the Questions that have been coming in recently.

Read on for the latest Question and Answer session, and I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Questions and Answers

Firstly, I received several informational type questions. While I'm more than happy to provide the answers, you'll probably get a quicker response in the future if you post at one of the many Buffy boards. For example, the Buffy Cross and Stake and Angel's Soul are excellent resources for questions like these.

John asks: "I read some reviews of Buffy season 5 DVD, they mention that in the special feature on Dawn some hints about Dawns arrival were mentioned during season 3. Do you have any idea what they are talking about"

To be honest, as far as I recall nothing was mentioned about Dawn in Season Three. Season Four is a different story, as she was mentioned in both 'This Years Girl' and 'Restless'. Buffy's death was foreshadowed in 'Graduation Day, Part II', in the now famous "counting down from 730" line. Bob wrote in after this was posted to remind me that 'Little Miss Muffet" was also referenced in "Graduation Day", so essentially one could assume that Joss has plans for Season Five when Season Three was being wrapped.

Julie asks: "Do you know if they are planning on a releasing a dvd in America of the Buffy ep Once More With Feeling? The British one came out awhile ago, and the Season 6 dvd is also on its way."

More than likely, I think this will not come out as a separate DVD in the States. Things could change, but I think that Fox would rather sell full box sets rather than pick and choose the episodes.

Christoffs2003 writes: "just so u cud confirm it for me is it true that the buffy boxsets both DVD and VHS are released in UK b4 america as season 6 is alreayd out on DVD here."

Yes, they are, and this is mainly due to the syndication deals according to what I've been told. Because the shows go into syndication here, the networks that only show a single episode a week, have to have the opportunity to air the episode once, before it can be released on DVD. Which is why the DVD sets come out shortly after the season finishes airing in syndication here in the States.

Ken writes: "At the conclusion of BTVS, the gang activated all the potential slayers around the world.  Why hasn't that factored in to AtS?  It would seem that they'd run across one of the slayers in L.A"

Wait until Episode 11, 'Damage' airs. Not to spoil the episode, but it should partially answer the question of where are all the activated Slayers.

Now onto questions about the Site

Hunda64 asks: "I don't see a place on your site showing episode schedules.  I was hoping to see what reruns will run when and when the new episode of Angel will air.  Is this information you don't have or have found uninteresting to visitors."

What info I do have, I try to keep updated on the Schedules on the Home Page. However, most of the actual scheduling comes out only shortly before the episode airs. This is also subject to a great deal of change. I try to list Unknown Date if I know the next episode to air, but don't know the date. The schedule for 'Angel' is pretty current, I'm not so sure about when the next new episode of 'Tru Calling' will air.

Brian asks: "I've heard that 'Dead Like Me' will be released on DVD soon, do you have any information or a link to purchase it?"

I did receive reports on this, but the site that supposedly released that info does not have that posted anymore. I'm sure that Showtime will be considering it, as other series are going to be released. But I have heard no specific info.

And that does it for this round.

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