January 03, 2004

Site News: Something New

I've been working on some changes to the site over the holiday. The biggest change is to make it easier to try and collate the various spoilers for each episode. To do this, I'm creating a specific post which will contain not only a brief summary of the episode, but links to all the articles posted on the site about that episode, as well as links to Additional Sources (Like Herc, Pandora, or Kristin). This post and summary will be updated as news continues to flow in.

You can get to the "Summary" post in one of two ways. Either through the link attached to the Episode Name on the Home Page, or by going to the Spoiler Summary page. The Summary article will be linked at the top of the Spoilers list for that episode.

I've currently finished summarizing and collating the articles for each of the upcoming 'Angel' episodes, I will work over the next few days to do the same for 'Tru Calling'. I hope this will help keep track not only of the latest info on the episodes, but provide an easy reference to all the stories that have been posted about the episode.

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