December 05, 2003

TC: 'Daddy's Girls' Summary

This represents a brief summary of Tru Calling: Daddy's Girls (Episode 14). It will be updated as new articles or info is posted. More detailed and complete information can be found in the original articles or additional sources.

The episode involves the introduction of Tru's father, Richard, and her stepmother Jordan. They are in town, and Jordan wants the whole family together to celebrate Richard's birthday. Tru wants none of this, until Jordan is found dead in a park later that day. The day resets.

Tru spends the day with Jordan to keep her safe. She begins to actually not hate her so much, and is key in stopping a mugger from killing her in the park. The mugger, Carl, shows up later in the episode at the party. He insinuates that her father knows what this is about. Tru also realizes that this is the same man who killed her mother.

He gets away again, and Tru has to talk to her father about this. He denies that Carl could have been involved, as he had him thoroughly checked out, even after the police cleared him. It's also revealed that Tru's mother had her powers, and Tru seems to have inherited them from her.

Later, Carl attacks Tru in her apartment. Her father arrives to save her, and then chases Carl into a nearby alley. Out of Tru's sight, the truth is revealed. Richard hired Carl to kill Tru's mother, that's why he attacked Jordan, Richard hasn't been paying him to stay quiet. Richard pretends to shoot Carl, and comforts Tru at the end of the episode while Carl vanishes into the night.

Also in this episode, we are introduced to a new character, Jack. He's joining the staff at the morgue, and will be played by Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210)

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