January 08, 2004

TC: Episode 15 Info

Looks like the holiday break is over for at least some shows, as news for the fifteenth episode of 'Tru Calling' came out today. Very little info overall, but it does pretty lay out the main story of the episode.
Tru Calling: The Getaway (1.15)

Mainly info from the climax, as the day revolves around Tru trying to stop a young couple (Charlie and Beth) from going on a crime spree. It's unclear who dies, but there are several possibilities.

The info I have begins with Tru at the pair's final destination, a diner.

At the diner, Tru sits counting off the minutes. The cop isn't too happy about Tru's lead, as it doesn't seem to be panning out. But outside, Charlie and Beth pull up in their car. Beth is angry because Charlie's backing out, he's been spooked by Tru's knowledge of their plans to rob an arcade and liquor store earlier.

Beth thinks that Charlie might have even tipped her off. Charlie denies this, it's just that he was only in it for the money. He wasn't out to kill anyone or even go this far, he's doing it more for her than him. Beth on the other hand, doesn't care, she wants both the money and the action. If he won't do it, she'll do it on her own. She takes the gun and leaves.

Back in the diner, Tru calls it a night and leaves.


Tru runs into Michelle, the reporter that was trying to track her down in the previous episode. Something happens, and she goes running back to the diner. She enters to find Beth and the cop pointing guns at each other. Tru tries to talk her down, but Beth forces her to sit in a booth.

Beth grabs the money the cashier was gathering, and starts to back out the door, when Michelle bursts in. Beth grabs her and points the gun at her head. Tru knows that things are about to go very bad (does Michelle die in this episode, is this who Tru has to save?). She tries again to convince Beth to give up peacefully, blocking her path to the door. Beth is having none of it at first, but begins to reconsider when Charlie bursts in.

He manages to talk Beth out of it, mainly because Tru's had the drop on them all day, and she drops the gun. Just then, more officers arrive, and arrest the pair. Turns out that they received a 911 call from the morgue.

And that's all I have.
Essentially this episode is pretty straightforward, with no signs of any major twists. No info on Jack (Jason Priestley's character) , and much of what Michelle (the reporter) is after is still unknown. I can only presume she must dig up some dirt on Tru's activities, or perhaps her past. Hopefully more will surface before the episodes air.

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