January 17, 2004

ATS/DLM/TC: News Wrap 1/17

Angel News

The WB has put up the trailer for 'Soul Purpose', and all I can say is get that man a Red Swingline Stapler.

Tru Calling News

Couple of tidbits. The first is that 'Back To School' will actually be titled 'Reunion'. In addition, it appears that this will be the last new episode in January, as the 29th is being listed as a repeat of 'Putting Out Fires'.

Buffy News

The second half of the e-comic by Doug Petrie, is now available at the BBC Website. USA Today is also reporting that Michelle Trachtenberg will appear on several episode of 'Six Feet Under' when it returns, playing a Britney Spears-style music star.

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