January 31, 2004

TC: Episode 17 Info

Some info about the seventeenth episode for 'Tru Calling'. Looks to be an interesting episode, as Tru has to enlist some additional help in rescuing her charges.
Tru Calling: Two Pair (1.17)

It appears in this episode that Tru has to save two people, whom she originally thinks are not connected to each other. There is also the possibility that the first victim, Tru was originally unable to save in time. But then the second victim asks for her help, so she has the chance to try and save both. In order to do so, she needs to enlist the help of Harrison.

It also does appear that Harrison may have broken up with Lindsay at this time. Reluctantly, Tru gives him the easier assignment. To save the life a young grad student, Melissa. In the meantime, she's going to try to rescue a man named Geoffrey. Harrison goes to the college, where Melissa is just ending a lecture on probabilities. He tries to strike up a conversation with Melissa. However, she suspects that he's just there to hit on her, and blows him off. He calls Tru, who's just arriving at Geoffrey's location. She encourages him to keep trying, and suggests that he try lying instead of trying to pick her up.

Tru enters the warehouse where Geoffrey has his office, and finds him on the phone. He's one of those people who have a million ideas about how to make a million dollars, all of which fail. He has various companies and names that he goes by, he's even convinced his wife that he's in Hong Kong doing a business deal. Tru makes her presence known, and passes herself off as a representative from one of the banks he owes money to. He promises that she'll have her money by the end of the day and ushers her out.

Back at the campus, Harrison finds Melissa having lunch on the roof of one of the buildings. He tries a different approach, explaining that he needs help with his math. They start hitting it off, and Melissa talks about how busy she is. Harrison tries to hit on her again, and she's more receptive but still declines, it's more an issue of time.

While Tru trails Geoffrey, we see Jack at the morgue, trying to locate the owner of a boat. When Davis comes in, Jack lies about what he's up to. Later on, Tru and Harrison track both Geoffrey and Melissa to the same bar, where there is some backroom gambling going on.

Geoffrey wants to know who she is, and she says that she's a friend of his wife. Geoffrey knows she's lying, because when she does she brushes back her hair (Harrison tugs on his collar). Melissa thinks that Harrison followed her, but he points out that he was there before her. While Tru convinces Geoffrey that she's there to help, Harrison discovers why Melissa is there at all. She thought she would put her theories about probability to the test, by gambling. Unfortunately, she lost all of her tuition money and soon her parents will find out.

Much later, Tru and Harrison talk over the phone. It's time for him to save Melissa, and Tru gives him as much encouragement as she can. He steps out onto the roof of the building where they had lunch. Melissa is only moments away from throwing herself off. She doesn't know what else to do, as she can't face her parents, who sacrificed everything to put her through college. She can't see what other choice she has, until Harrison offers her his car. She can sell it to give some money to the school, until she can find the rest.
Looks to be a good episode, and I do like the various variations on the 'repeat day' theme. They are also working to beef up Harrison's role in the series, which also is probably good for the series. What I'm most curious about, is what Jack (Jason Priestley) is up to in this episode. What is his agenda?

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