February 03, 2004

DLM: Season Two Spoilers

Just received the first information on the new season of 'Dead Like Me', coming from a completely unexpected and new source. Though I'm usually skeptical of new sources, I was able to get some additional verification. This all looks solid. Read on for a look at the first episode of Season Two, 'Send In The Clown'.
Dead Like Me: Send In The Clown (2.1) - Courtesy of DeadGirlWalking

It begins with George as a child, she's at this outdoor market with her mother. There's a woman who sells flowers there, Dierdre, who talks to them. Then the scene kinda shifts to the present, and George is back at the market with Mason and Daisy. There's going to be a gas explosion and all of them are popping souls. George finds Dierdre, who is still working there. She's her assignment. The workers can't find the leak. A few minutes later, one of those gravelings does and the flower cart explodes. Dierdre wants George to help her clean up the mess, but George gets upset and runs off.

George goes to work and is called into Delores office. She had to hire one of the owners nephews, Brennan. She wants George to train him. Brennan comes in and he may be dumb, but he's cute.

George is trying to explain how to use a phone to Brennan, but in her head, she's thinking about how hot Brennan is. Daisy calls, but Brennan doesn't really have the hang of the phone. He may be distracted because he's way into George, and asks her out.

She first says yes, but then decides to say no, until another girl in the office makes a pass at him. George realizes she has to make a move first, and pretends to faint. As he's reviving her, she kisses him. Delores sees this, but doesn't say anything.

Rube and Mason are trying to find their appointment at a child's birthday party. Rube's not happy because a child is going to die. They go into the party, and pass themselves off as a clown act. Mason dresses up like a clown, making balloons for the kids. He's in a bad mood and pretty much being a jerk. The birthday girl's father complains, and Mason realizes that he's the one who's going to die. After he takes his soul, the guy gets really upset because Mason knew he was going to die, and ruined his daughter's party.

At the end of the episode, George breaks her date with Brennan. I don't know if Delores got mad or something, but George isn't too upset about it.

P.S. Roxy's around too, but I think she's just doing her normal stuff.
Seems like a regular episode, not a lot happening that's really noteworthy. In fact, it almost feels more like an reintroduction to the show and characters, in order to help transition any new viewers they may get for the premiere.

No word on when we are going to see this actually hit the airwaves.

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