February 12, 2004

TC: Episode 18 Info

Chris from FilmJerk wrote to let me know that they've received a bit of information about 'Tru Calling' Episode 18. It appears that in this episode, we're going to get introduced to some of Tru's neighbors.
Tru Calling: Episode 18

Untitled and introduces two neighbors of Tru. One, Sally, lives across the street from her, and they seem to have a neighborly relationship, except for the fact that Tru thinks her name is Chris Berenson. When Tru gets involved to help her neighbor, Sally claims to be the victim of identity theft. In actuality she's the culprit, and a full-blown con-artist. Also, we are introduced to Tim Baxter, a respectable, if slightly nerdy-looking guy. Paul Shapiro directs this one, with the writer TBD

Info courtesy of Filmjerk.com
Not a lot of information, hopefully I'll have more by the end of the weekend or early next week.

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