February 15, 2004

TC: Episode 18 Info

As a follow-up to the FilmJerk information from earlier this week, I have more detailed information on Episode 18 of 'Tru Calling'. After this episode, there will either be three or four more to go. So we've almost gotten a full look at Season One of 'Tru Calling'
Tru Calling: Rear Window (1.18)

Tru is talking with Davis over the phone, about one of her neighbors who lives across the way (Tru is watching her from her window). Somewhere else, a man is in a phone booth leaving a message on a young woman's answering machine. He's threatening her, saying that he'll track her down one way or another.

The next morning, Tru is awoken by a delivery, but it's not for her. It's for someone who lives upstairs. So after she's fully awake, she has to take the very heavy box, up to her neighbor.

Here we meet Tim, who's excited that the package has arrived. It's a new telescope. He then asks Tru for some advice on asking out this girl he knows, that lives in the neighborhood. Tru, thinking he's hinting about her, tells him to take it slow.

At some point, the man who left the message ends up in the morgue. His name is Chris, which I believe is a name that Tru recognizes as the woman who lives across from her. Tru goes to talk to her on the repeat day, and discovers that the female-Chris had her identity stolen. The man who died stole her identity several months earlier. As they arrive at the building where she lives, Tru is stunned to see Jack. It turns out that he's moving into the building.

Desperate for help, Tru asks Jack to keep an eye on the female-Chris. Then goes off to the morgue for a meeting with the male-Chris. Davis has gotten him there, thinking he's going to make a sale. But Chris quickly realizes what is going on and Tru confronts him about stealing the female Chris's identity. Here's the twist, he is the real-Chris.

Tru manages to figure things out, and confronts the female-Chris. Who surprisingly, offers to pay back all the money. Tru sets up a meeting, and the real-Chris accepts her offer. The female-Chris confesses to Tru that her real name is Cathy.

However, it's still too early for Chris to have died. Back at her building Tru rushes up the stairs and discovers Tim and Chris fighting each other. Tim thinks that Chris is after Cathy, because he saw him break into her apartment. Tru knows that Tim will kill Chris, but manages to stop him just in time. Tru explains the truth about who Cathy is, then gets mad at Chris for even coming (she warned him off earlier). It turns out that the money Cathy paid him off with was fake.

That's all I've got.
I would also note that they are reading for a new character Randall, who would seem to be a new love interest for Tru.

I'm also going to throw out a thought about Jack. He's obviously onto Tru in some manner, as it's more than a bit suspicious that he's suddenly decided to move across the way from Tru. Now either he's the opposite of Tru (perhaps a 'Reaper' - ala 'Dead Like Me'), or perhaps he actually is aware that the days are repeating and is trying to track down who is behind it.

I have a feeling that within the next few episodes, we're going to find out.

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