February 18, 2004

ATS: Buffy And UPN

TV Guide Entertainment News has two quick bits on the possibility of Sarah returning for the finale, as well as 'Angel' perhaps finding a home on UPN.

In other news, I'm cutting down on the number of articles that I'm posting about 'Angel' ending in the Daily News section. If there are new stories such as this, I will likely comment on them here. Otherwise, I will keep posting articles I find while surfing the web, but I'm not going out of my way to post each and every one. To be honest, it almost seems that every paper has run at least a small story on the cancellation. For a show that The WB deemed not important enough to bring back for a sixth season, I almost think it's generating more press than the end of 'Buffy'. My only guess is that the final season of 'Buffy' was inevitable, whereas 'Angel' seems to have surprised just about everyone.

Finally, I'm still getting a lot of mail about petitions or addresses to write to, etc. Please use the 'Daily Rounds' linkage on the sidebar of the site (under Categories), not every site listed there has info on the campaigns, but there are several that do.

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