February 26, 2004

ATS: Various News And Comments

I've got a fair bit of 'Angel' information that is too small for a single post, and with no linkage to throw in the News Section. So I'm going to stuff it all into this one post.

According to various reports, it appears that the final run of episodes will be written by the following writers.

- Episode 18: Drew Goddard
- Episode 19: Ben Edlund
- Episode 20: Steven DeKnight
- Episode 21: David Fury
- Episode 22: Jeff Bell

For the five weeks following 'Shells', the show will be pulled from The WB's schedule. In its place, they will be running repeats of 'Smallville', chosen by the viewers. You can read about it at The WB.

I know that there has been a lot of speculation about a possible return of Sarah Michelle Gellar or another star from the Buffyverse for the finale. At this time, I have heard nothing to indicate this will happen. There are a lot of roadblocks to this occurring, not the least of which is that the two strongest candidates are both overseas at the moment.

However, with the twists and secretly filmed scenes that we've seen so far this season, I'm not going to put it past Joss and company to try to pull off a really big surprise to end the show. While I have not heard specifics about any one person or event, I am hearing enough to know that something is going on behind the scenes. The problem is, they know how to keep these things under wraps. The only thing that's caught them out twice this season were reviewer copies, otherwise the endings to 'Destiny' and 'You're Welcome' would have stayed secret until the wildfeed aired. Somehow, I don't expect them to make this mistake a third time.

Finally, what about the future of the show? There have been many comments from the 'Wolfram and Hart Annual Revue', all of which indicate that the writers aren't hopeful that the show will be picked up elsewhere. I've received some email from people I've known over the years, which seem to back this up. I have even heard concerns that fans are spending their hard-earned money to try and save the show. Essentially, there's nothing wrong with showing your support, it does serve a purpose. But doing more than sending a few postcards or signing an online petition is perhaps too much, especially since the outcome will likely not change in any event.

If I had to sum up the vibe that I'm getting, it's acceptance that the end is nigh. Which is a shame, because in my opinion, this is the finest season of the show to date, and may even be the best season of either 'Buffy' or 'Angel'.

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