February 27, 2004

TC/WF: Scheduling Info

The Futon Critic, posted some information on Fox's March Schedule.

Tru Calling

The next new episode of 'Tru Calling' will air on March 18th. It's still the expected episode, but has been retitled 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. Then, on March 25th, 'Daddy's Girls' will air. This will not only be the first episode with Jason Priestley, but another member of the 90210 Alumni Club will appear. Laura Leighton has been cast and will play the role of Jordan, Tru's step-mother.


'Wonderfalls' is being broadcast out of order, just as Fox did with 'Firefly'. The second episode to air will be 'Karma Chameleon', originally the second to last episode that was filmed. So now instead of being the 12th episode we would have seen, it's going to be the 2nd. A brief description of the episode...
Jaye meets a young woman who seems to have self-esteem issues and definitely has a stuttering problem. The young woman takes a liking to Jaye and spends a lot of time with her. Jaye finds herself in a very weird predicament, wondering - who is this woman? One thing is certain, something is up. Ultimately, Jaye figures out what is going on, and with the muses' help, devises a way to get things back to normal on the "Karma Chameleon" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Which brings up an interesting question for myself. I know that as the series progresses, Jaye's collection of tchotzke grows and they all start chiming in with suggestions. Which may make things a bit confusing. Then again, I don't know if we'll get this in every episode. I do know that 'Wax Lion' and 'Barrel Bear' make a few appearances throughout the show, but maybe not necessarily in every episode. I only hope that we're not going to be dealing with confusing character development, ala 'Firefly', because of the decision to air things out of order.

Update: The episode's will not air out of order, 'Karma Chameleon' was filmed later but intended to air as Episode Two. See more in this news post.

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