February 28, 2004

DLM: Episode 3 Info

'DeadGirlWalking' has checked in again, with information for the third episode of season two, 'Ghost Story'.
Dead Like Me: Ghost Story (2.3)

At the start of the episode George and Daisy are at a gym. They have an appointment to reap twin sisters and while they are there George is looking at pictures. I guess she has been getting some comments from Delores that her cube is dull.

So later in the episode, Delores is mad at George, because of this and other things. She's not been a team player even after Delores promoted her. There is a retreat that everyone is going to go on, but George doesn't want to go. But then the guy who is running the retreat talks her into it. They are all going out camping in the woods.

I guess this works out, because George has an appointment close to the campsite. They are two drunk hunters. I'm not sure why but Rube shows up at the retreat. While George is out reaping the two hunters, he's telling this ghost story around the campfire. It's not much of a story from what I can tell, my friend was explaining it to me and it didn't make much sense.

The scenes with George's family are about Joy selling the house. A couple come to see the house and Joy wants Reggie to be nice. Reggie ends up telling the couple that George's ghost is haunting the house. It looks like they won't be buying it.

The other story is with Daisy and Mason. When Rube leaves, he's worried that Mason is going to mess things up as usual. What happens? Mason loses his post-it. Daisy and him end up breaking into Rube's apartment to see if the appointment is written down somewhere. They find a desk stuffed with post-its and must find the information they need. Mason finds his appointment just in time.
Interesting information, this is the third episode of the season which has revolved around events at 'Happy Time'. It seems that the story arc this season is going to focus more on George's relationship with 'Happy Time', rather than her relationship with her family. Which makes sense, as both the Reapers and 'Happy Time' are her new family. It also appears that Daisy and Mason may be getting a bit tighter, but it's hard to know for certain from the limited info that I'm getting.

(Thanks to 'DeadGirlWalking')

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