March 08, 2004

ATS: Possible Info On 19

Some interesting new information has surfaced, passed along by a very good source. There is also other information that should tie into 'Origin', but I'm not solid on what episode this will happen.
Origin (5.18)

In the episode with Connor, it appears that the box will be broken and everyone, including Connor will regain their full memories. However, Connor will decide that he's happier with his fantasy-family, and return to them. I've gotten secondary confirm from another source that Connor will only be in this episode.

Also, possibly happening in this episode (though it could be the end of 'Underneath'), Illyria will bust Gunn out of the torture dimension.

Episode 19

Turns out that this episode may not be as lighthearted as I originally expected. It's appears that it's going to be another Illyria-centric episode, where things start going very wrong for her. Fred's body can't contain Illyria's energy, it's just too fragile. As the energy corrupts her, Illyria starts shifting in and out of this dimension. Angel goes after her, finding himself in a number of different realities. In these realities, Illyria kills various members of 'Angel Investigations' (not sure if it's someone other than Fred who dies, or if she kills them after arriving in the dimensions). Wesley finds a way to keep the energy from literally blowing Illyria apart, but in doing so, he also brings more of Fred's personality to the forefront.
Just a guess, but I'm thinking that what Wesley does is merge the various alternate reality versions of Fred and Fred/Illyria into one being. Not only making the 'shell' more complete, but mixing more of Fred into Illyria. In the post to follow this one, I think we'll see some of the effects of this.

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