March 08, 2004

ATS: Episode 20 Info

It's a busy day today, with all kinds of interesting spoilers appearing. While I was in the process of working on the post for Episode 19, Episode 20 info turned up. This one is going to stir up quite a buzz, and although as yet untitled, may I humbly suggest they call this one...

'Roman Holiday'

Also, it's late and I'm tired. So no comments on this one, that'll have to wait until tomorrow. For now, just the spoilers.
Episode 20

Flashback to Rome, Italy, circa 1894. Angelus and Spike are locked up somewhere. A representative of The Immortal arrives, and releases them. The Immortal sends his apologies for holding them, but their recent attacks on his people have forced this outcome. Angelus tells the representative that it's their city, they were there first. The man brushes this off, as The Immortal has been around for over 300 years. They are to leave immediately and never return, under pain of...

Death, which is what Angelus brings to the man with a quick snapping of his neck. The other guards put up a brave front, but end up running off after Angelus threatens them.

Later, Angelus and Spike are talking outside of an Italian nightclub (still in 1894). They are there to see The Immortal, about some blood vengeance. The bouncer is giving them a hard time, they aren't on the list. When they try to force their way in, they discover it's a magic list. If you aren't on it, you aren't 'invited' and can't get in.

Present day, Angel and Spike have travelled to Rome to pick up the body of a prominent Demon Capo. While in Rome, they discover that Buffy is dating The Immortal. Both are in disbelief, since she would never fall for someone with a dark past who may still be a bit evil (then both realize this sounds very familiar). Spike finds the answer, it has to be a spell. Angel agrees. So they'll get the body and rescue Buffy from The Immortal.

The woman they are supposed to meet comes in, with a duffel bag (or bowling bag). She hands over the Capo's body, and it turns out that it's really just his head. Apparently if brought back to Los Angeles in time, and the proper rituals are performed, the Capo will rise again.

With the head in hand, Angel and Spike head back to Buffy's apartment. Dawn greets them.

Spike and Angel in the present, cruising a nightclub in Rome. Angel is not thrilled to find out that there will be dancing involved. Spike calls over a bartender, and he and Angel start asking about a girl. Not just any girl, a blonde American with blue eyes. Ring a bell? Yes, they're looking for Buffy.

The bartender doesn't know who she is, until they mention The Immortal. This rings a bell, as Buffy is well known as The Immortal's girlfriend. She points off into the crowd, where all they can see is a flash of blonde hair. The girl and The Immortal are dancing up a storm.

Spike and Angel start to argue about who's going to go over to her. Spike thinks he should, since Angel can't dance. Angel just thinks Spike wants to take all the credit, but Spike admits he knows she'll never love him in that way. But he cares about her, and he doesn't want her to end up with someone like The Immortal, or Angel.

There's a gap. It picks up with Spike and Angel again asking the bartender if she's seen Buffy. (I'm guessing that during the argument, they lost sight of her). The bartender says she left with The Immortal, they drove off in his car. Angel and Spike leave, trying to figure out how to find her. They need the team, but they're all back in Los Angeles. Spike suddenly remembers that Wolfram and Hart have a Rome office.

Angel and Spike arrive at the 'Wolfram e Hart' offices, which will look extremely familiar, with an Italian touch. As they are getting their bearings, the CEO of the Italian branch comes out of her office. Ilona rushes over and greets them like old friends, even though she hasn't met them before. She's really eager to help them in their time of need. Perhaps a bit too helpful.

Back in Los Angeles, we learn that Roger and Trish have come to see Fred. Illyria can apparently make herself look and act just like Fred, and she's fooled her parents. In fact, it appears that she requested that the come and visit. Roger and Trish say goodbye to Fred, unaware of what has happened. After they leave, Wesley is very angry at Illyria for doing this. Illyria is pleased, she learned a great deal from the experience. Wesley tells her that she should never do that again, leaving Illyria even more confused.

Back in Rome, Alfonso and his gang have tracked down Angel and Spike. He mocks the fact that Buffy is now dating The Immortal. Angel and Spike think that they've been set up, The Immortal intended to steal the head and distract them. Alfonso laughs at this, The Immortal doesn't need men like him to do his dirty work. This was Alfonso's plan to steal the head all along. Angel and Spike have had enough, and start to battle Alfonso's gang. This goes on for a while, with a duffel bag (supposedly containing the head), being tossed from lackey to lackey. Finally, Alfonso has the bag and threatens to shoot the head if they don't fork over the cash. Reluctantly, Spike gives them the money. Alfonso tosses the bag to them and heads off.

The bag goes Boom

Back at the offices, a throughly shredded Spike and Angel are replacing their damaged wardrobe, thanks to Ilona. (There is a homage to the incredible reappearing duster, Ilona makes sure Spike will have enough to last a long time). But by now, Angel and Spike have had enough of Ilona's hospitality, they want their head. She brushes them off, saying that she has a specialist that will take care of the matter. She'll call them... and then ushers them out of the office.

(that's it for now. Comments tomorrow). Thanks to 'T' for the info, and the nightcap

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