March 11, 2004

ATS: Update On 20

Some new information has come out for Episode 20, which marks a minor change (which could be a major change) to the original. We also have an episode title, 'The Girl In Question'. There is just one minor change, and it's strange that it really only changes the Dawn scene. There was an update to the pages for the scene with the demon woman who brings the head. As of the shooting script, it appears that Andrew answers the door, rather than Dawn. There were a few very minor dialogue changes in the previous scene with the demon woman.

Does this mean Michelle won't be in the episode, it's possible. Though you have to wonder, would they have even started writing her role if they didn't have that finalized. Then again, sometimes certain scenes are written well in advance, and the pages that had her were from an earlier draft.

It could also indicate that she'll still appear, but because of other changes, they've decided to move her later in the episode or to another episode entirely. Which, if Sarah does decide to do an episode, would make quite a bit of sense.

As I've mentioned many times, things are going to be pretty much up in the air for the last run of episodes. I expect changes to occur throughout, and I'm still thinking that there will be at least one surprise that they're going to try to keep under wraps until the very end.

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