March 24, 2004

DLM: Episode 5 Info

'DeadGirlWalking' checks in again with spoilers for Episode Five - 'Hurry'. It's short on specifics, so a lot of details are likely missing for the episode.
Dead Like Me: Hurry (2.5)

Hey Tensai,

Just heard about the latest episode of Dead Like Me that they are working on, it's called 'Hurry'. My friend says that it's all about people who are too concerned about time or delays or getting things over with.

George's bit is all at 'Happy Time' or at least what she told me. George shows up late and Delores is all freaked because some management consultant is checking them out. She's making everyone work their butts off and she gets George to help out. There is supposed to be this guy there that is really funny, everyone knows him as The Ted. But he gets fired later in the show. The consultant takes a big interest in George too.

Roxy has to find a french woman at the airport. There is this delay with the baggage, and the woman is really mad that she has to wait. Roxy has to wait with her, because I guess she gets killed by her baggage.

Mason is busy chasing after this bike messenger, Herm. He owes Mason money, but the real reason Mason is after him is because he's going to reap him. So he spends the day trying to run him down on a bicycle.

Rube has to go to the post office for a special letter that's being sent to him. His problem is that the line is like miles long and moving slowly and he gets stuck there all day before he can get his letter.

Daisy is trying to find this guy to reap at a local dating service. It's one of those speed date places where you see like 30 people in an hour, 2 minutes each. Her assignment is someone who has a name that starts with J. and it seems all the guys are named Jeff, John, James, Joseph.

Oh and my friend says that the divorce papers are signed in this episode.

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