April 03, 2004

DLM: Episode 6 Info

'DeadGirlWalking' has passed on information about the sixth episode of 'Dead Like Me'. Titled 'In-Escrow', it seems to focus on the characters making changes in the way they are living their lives.
Dead Like Me: In-Escrow (2.6)

Early on, George reaps a hockey coach. He happens to be yelling at this cute guy, Andy, who is around her age. The coach has a Zamboni accident.

The Happy Time story is about George having to pick from three temps, who will get a prime job at a new drug company. Her choices are Anton (an immigrant), Michael (who has a bizarre disability), and Margaret (who is a nice middle-aged woman). I guess we find out that she picks Anton. Later in the episode, all the reapers have to go to a company to do a mass reaping. Anton is one of the victims when one of the employees goes postal.

Mason's bit has him reaping a famous rock star from the sixties, who is about to overdose. I guess he was Mason's hero and was part of the reason why Mason died from drugs.

Daisy is getting more and more serious about church, even stealing a cross from one of her souls. She confesses this to a priest. It makes Roxy mad because the family of the reapee wants the cross back. Daisy doesn't want to give it back.

Joy is looking for a new place to live and isn't sure what kind of a place she wants. Reggie really likes this downtown loft, but Joy isn't so sure. But the landlord convinces her to come back and see it at night. Joy leaves Reggie with a babysitter, who ditches her after Joy goes downtown. Joy and the landlord hit it off I think, because she stays there way too long but decides to sign the lease.

The final scene goes along with the opener. George goes back to the rink to see Andy.

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