April 23, 2004

ATS/TC: Is There A Future???

MediaSharx has run a report from one of their sources, discussing the possible future of 'Angel' in tele-movie form. In addition it touches on the chances 'Tru Calling' has for a second season. They posit that 'Angel' will return in a series of six bi-monthly movies, with a possible return of Faith. Supposedly 'Tru Calling' will not be picked up for a second season.

From my view, tele-movies are certainly a possibility. I can't see them being completely ruled out at this point. Greater confusion seems to exist about Tru going into another season. While there have been some rumored reports that the show has already been renewed, I personally have not heard anything through my channels to indicate this. The last bit of information that I had, was that they were waiting until they saw the impact of Jason Priestley on the ratings. Which to be honest, has been absolutely none.

There are also rumors that Sky TV has offered to fund partly another season of the show, but I seem to recall something similar that floated over a month ago. It wouldn't surprise me that if some plan is in motion to continue with either movies or a limited-run of episodes, that just like before other networks will be willing to purchase the rights to re-air. Fox would more than likely recoup any cost in DVD sales anyway.

But I'm still more pessimistic than optimistic.

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