April 27, 2004

ATS: Lack Of News/Spoilers

As many will have likely noticed, things have been extremely slow on the site.

The main reason is that there has been very little, if any news on the spoiler front for most of the shows ('Dead Like Me' being the only exception). While I still expect a few bits of spoilage here and there for the final two episodes of 'Angel', it's likely only to going to fill in the missing blanks.

In respect to the previous spoilers posted for the finale, there are bits of confirmation that continue to come in. Nothing has come out that directly refutes any of the information, so I still feel fairly confident that it's solid. I would continue to stress that there could still be some final tweaking, but everything that I've heard points to that final scene being as open as it appears.

I do want to check in on the status of Television Movies, as it has been mentioned elsewhere and seems to be the current buzz in the fan community. I have not received any confirmation that we will be seeing 'Angel' in some form next year. In fact, all the information I've been hearing indicates entirely the opposite. The show is done, and there is nothing in the works to keep it going in any form. Which makes sense if you think about it. With all the attention the fans are drawing, if something was anywhere near definite, it would be officially announced. It does appear that we are going to be Buffyverse free next season.

But fear not, I still have my ear to the ground. I'm hoping that shortly there will be at least some information on the fate of 'Tru Calling'. I may have some other interesting news by the end of the week, not related to any shows currently covered. I'm not going to promise anything, but it's possible I may have some information on what Hercules reported at AICN earlier today.

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