April 28, 2004

ATS: Pandora's 'Power Play' Summary

Pandora has posted the Summary for 'Power Play' at the Mythical Boards. As usual, be sure to check out the site (registration required) for the full summary and discussion. Read on for the highlights from the episode.
Angel: Power Play (5.21)

- The episode opens on a man being beaten in a dark room.

- Angel appears to rescue the man, but at the last moment vamps and drains him.

- We flashback nearly two days, as Angel wakes up. Nina is in bed with him.

- She wants them to go off together for some alone-time, but Angel has work to do.

- Hamilton introduces Angel to the Senator from the earlier spoilers, Angel also brushes off Wesley's inquiry about a recent case.

- While Angel shocks Gunn by agreeing to work with the Senator, Spike and Illyria decide to help Wesley.

- Wesley gets a cryptic message from one of the 'magic books' in his office.

- While Angel shmoozes with Izzy (the devil from the 100th episode), upping his 'evil street cred', Spike and Illyria are out trying to track down Wes's Boretz Demons.

- Illyria reveals she thinks that Angel appears to be about ready to betray them all. She even thinks he's about to kill one of them.

- Drogyn appears to Spike and Illyria and tells them that he's already killed one of them.

- Drogyn is injured and he tells them that Angel did it to him.

- Back at the office, Wesley goes to confront Angel, but is brushed off again.

- Everyone but Angel gets together at Spike's apartment, and Drogyn explains that Angel sent a demon to torture him.

- Drogyn reveals that Angel is worried. That someone is going to uncover that Angel was behind the Fred/Illyria plot the entire time.

- The others return to Wolfram and Hart to confront Angel, who tells them not to sweat the 'small stuff' and brushes them all off.

- Gunn and Spike bring in a reluctant Lindsey to gather more information.

- Angel sends Nina and her sister away, as things are about to get rough.

- Hamilton finds Drogyn holed up in Spike's apartment, and tries to take him by force.

- Lindsey explains the message that Wesley received, the symbol he saw earlier is related to the 'Circle Of The Black Thorn'.

- The Circle is a secret society, who are in charge of insuring that humanity continues to do evil things.

- Lindsey's plan all along was to become a member, but now Angel may have succeeded.

- We are now back at the teaser, where Angel kills Drogyn. Angel is then branded with the mark of The Circle, and accepted as a member.

- When he returns to Wolfram and Hart, it turns out it's intervention time, with weapons.

- As Angel battles the other members of the gang, he pulls out a crystal and shatters it.

- He explains that this is giving the illusion that the fight is still going on to others around them, he has six minutes to explain the plan.

- Angel explains that he wanted Drogyn to think he was behind the plot to kill Fred and bring back Illyria, this was to earn the trust of The Circle.

- Angel is prepared to take the final steps to defeat them, but it may be their last battle

- The others agree to help, as Hamilton observes the fight from the lobby. But as it fades to black, he gets a puzzled look on his face.
If there was one episode we didn't have a lot of information on, it was this one. This, as I expected last night, fills in a lot of the blanks. Though to be honest, this sounds more like the plot to an episode of 'Alias'. The biggest question may be the change in the relationship between Nina and Angel, but after discovering Buffy's new 'Boy Toy' in the previous episode, probably was enough to change his mind about dating. Though it does, in a way, seem a tad out of place. Unless it's part of fooling the others into the fact that he's turned back into 'Angelus'.

In any event, all of this is feeding into the big finale. Who knows, there may be a surprise or two still in store for us.

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