May 01, 2004

ATS: Reports Of One Death...

I've gotten a bit more information on 'Not Fade Away', which could indicate a change in the fate of one of the characters. I've gotten a confirm on this, and to be honest, this was one of the things that I had mentioned as a 'significant change' when I first posted the spoilers.

Note: Since the original post, I've reviewed all the information yet again, and have modified my summary of events.
So here's the lowdown...

First, Wesley and Lindsay are still slated to die in this episode. There has been no change to that. The death in question is Gunn's, and it's always been a bit murky as to his exact fate.

During the battle, Gunn does manage to accomplish his task, but is badly wounded. In the first draft, he would make his way back to meet the others, but not make it in time. At some point, this changed. Instead of making it back to where they were going to meet, he would die from his wounds along the way. It seems to have now gone back to a scenario similar to the original plan, with him meeting the others but still mortally wounded. His final fate is unknown.

If you have checked out the MediaSharx pictures from the finale, I believe the scene with the final four is the final few minutes of the show. There is still a bit of confusion from the information I have if the dragon appears in the alley, or if the others hop through a dimensional gate to another location, which is where they encounter the dragon.

This fate for Gunn sounds similar to what happened with Rona in 'Chosen', where her life was hanging by a thread after the battle. It does bode well for a possible return of his character, if and when there is ever a movie or continuation of the story.

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