May 02, 2004

ATS: Pandora's 'Not Fade Away' Summary

Pandora has posted the Summary for 'Not Fade Away' at the Mythical Boards. As usual, be sure to check out the site (registration required) for the full summary and discussion.

Note: Now Updated
Angel: Not Fade Away (5.22)

- While Angel is called away by Hamilton to a meeting of The Circle, the others return to Spike's to find out what happened to Illyria.

- They find Illyria unconscious, Hamilton managed to best her in battle and took Drogyn away (which is how Angel got him in the previous episode).

- The Circle, in order to guarantee Angel's intentions, have him sign a contract that voids his participation in the Shanshu Prophecy (ie: he can never be human).

- Harmony tries to find out Angel's intentions, but he only wants her to keep Hamilton occupied.

- Angel reveals the plans to Lindsey, who agrees to help if he turns Wolfram and Hart over to him after the battle.

- This segues into the many scenes during the day, with Spike reading poetry in a bar, and Gunn meeting up with Anne.

- Illyria offers to make Wes happy by pretending to be Fred, but he asks her not to.

- That night at Spike's, Angel fills in the others on their missions. While at the same time, Harmony fills in Hamilton on the same plans.

- Lorne explains that he will not take part in the final battle, he'll leave after his mission is accomplished.

- Lindsey and Lorne will take out the Sahrvin demons, they do but Lorne kills Lindsey by shooting him.

- Illyria is selected to take out Izzy, which she does with ease.

- Wesley is to take out Cyvus Vail, but Vail gains the upper hand. Illyria arrives and kills Vail, but Wesley is mortally wounded. As he dies, he asks Illyria to pretend to be Fred for him. She does as he passes away.

- Gunn's target is the Senator and her vampires, he manages to defeat them but is seriously wounded in the battle.

- Spike takes out the Fell Brethren and rescues the child given to them in 'Time Bomb'.

- Angel is supposed to take out Sebassis, but right as he is leaving Hamilton arrives. As they are fighting, Harmony denies that she spilled the beans. Angel fires her.

- Hamilton figures he's stopped Angel from killing Sebassis, but Angel poisoned one of his slaves (who's blood he drinks) much earlier. Sebassis is already dead.

- As they fight, Connor appears and helps out. Angel finally gets the upperhand and kills Hamilton.

- As Wolfram and Hart begins to fall apart, Angel tells Connor to get to safety. He also tells Eve that Lindsey won't be coming back.

- The plan was that after their missions were complete, they would meet up in an alley. Spike is waiting for him, and Gunn stumbles into view as well. Illyria arrives and tells them of Wesley's fate.

- As demons close in from either end of the alley, and a dragon circles overhead, the gang heads into battle. Fade to black.

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