May 09, 2004

DLM: Info For Episodes 2.8 and 2.9

'DeadGirlWalking', who has been MIA for the past few weeks, dropped a line to say that they are still 'undead and well', but only just recently heard about two upcoming episodes. Looks as if there may be a new recurring, who will double as a love-interest for George. In addition, we see the return of one reaper from last season.
Dead Like Me: The Escape Artist (2.8)

George's assignment is in some rich country club, and there was no way that George was going to be able to get in. But this really cute guy gets her in, and they really start hitting it off. His name is Trip, and George thinks he's a reporter because he works for the newspaper. George follows her heart and as they are talking kisses him. But when a waiter comes up and addresses him by his last name, George realizes he's the one she's there to reap. His nickname is Trip, but his real name is John. George has a hard time dealing with this, and is in the process of rippling him, when he introduces her to his father, John Junior - so Trip is John the Third. George realizes it's the father she's there for, and she stops rippling Trip. He senses something has passed between them. Then she reaps the father, and while George stands with John Jr. watching Trip try to help his father, John Jr. tells her that it's obvious they like each other. He tells her to say something to Trip before they leave, which George tries to do, but it comes out all wrong. Very conflicted, George and John Jr. leave.

Roxy and Mason are looking forward to their assignments, since it involves getting on a flight to Cancun. Since the time of death is while the flight is in the air, why not have a good time when they get to their destination. The plane gets grounded, and they end up having to do their reaps before it takes off. They have to reap a newlywed groom, who dies from a peanut allergy while making out with a stewardess in the bathroom. The other victim is the stewardess, the bride kills her when she catches them.

The best part is what happens to Reggie. At her school they are having a 'show-and-tell' event. One of her classmates brings in his Komodo Dragon to show the class, and not only do Rube and Daisy show up, but the kid reaper from last season. The dragon gets loose and the kid reaper reaps the dragon. The dragon is killed by a janitor, but not before it poisons him and he dies. I guess that's why Rube and Daisy were there. What is cool is that Reggie knows that something is up with the kid reaper, and she follows him after he leaves. I guess they talk and he tells her that he knows George.

Dead Like Me: Be Still My Heart (2.9)

Daisy has a very difficult reap, she has to ripple the soul of a woman who has been seeing a married man. She gets into the hotel room and ripples the woman, but curious about what is going to happen she hides in the closet. She ends up watching as the man kills the woman. Before she goes, she leaves clues so the police can catch the killer. Roxy also ends up there since it's a crime scene, but for some reason Daisy didn't take the woman to her final destination. Roxy has to take her soul out of the room.

George takes Mason and crashes John Jr's funeral at the country club, she wants to see Trip again. They still have a connection, but Mason gets mad at her when she tell Trip her real name. She had told him it was George from the start, but when he asked for her last name she told him Lass. This is going to be a big deal I think, because in the previous episode, George thought he was a reporter. He really is the guy who writes the obituaries. Before another kiss can occur, George has to go to her assignment for the day. It's a same-sex marriage, and she has to reap one of the attendees. He gets smushed while trying to catch the bouquet.

There's also a funny scene at Happy Time, where it seems that one of the temps has a heart attack. But it's really just Delores running a training drill. There's a weird exchange between Crystal and George, I guess Crystal may know what George really is, but my friend wasn't certain. I guess it may be a weird exchange because Crystal is so weird.
It appears that Trip is a recurring characters, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. He certainly is going to remember who George is and that she died, will she be forced to reveal the truth. It will probably a major plot for the final run of episodes.

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