May 16, 2004

Site News: State Of The Union

As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, it's been a long time since there has been a daily update, or even a bi-daily update, or almost a weekly update. While news stories continue to trickle in, there really hasn't been any spoiler news.

Which, of course, is for a good reason. There just isn't anything to spoil at the moment, with the exception of 'Dead Like Me'. However, I do get a number of e-mails in regards to what's going on with the various shows. Since it's been so slow, a recap of the news might be useful.

Angel: The Series: 'Angel', as a television series, will pretty much come to a close this Wednesday. Despite rumors to the contrary, nobody is going to step in to save the show. David Boreanaz has even commented that he doesn't have a huge interest to continue the character on the small screen.

But what about the rumored tele-movies? To be honest, all of my sources were extremely doubtful that they would actually happen. Certainly not anytime in the near future. That doesn't mean that the door isn't open for say, a Spike Tele-movie (which has been hinted). But it's nearly certain that we won't see anything before 2005, and more than likely not until the Fall of 2005.

While it's sad to see the Buffyverse vanish from the airwaves, there is always the hope that it will return in some form. There are many stories yet to be told in the Buffyverse, and I don't think we've seen the last of either The Slayers or the Vampires.

Tru Calling: As I write this, 'Tru Calling' is much like a victim in a morgue. Laying on a gurney, while we hope that their eyes are going to open and ask us to 'Save Them'. Although the network was hoping for a much-needed bump in the ratings from the addition of Jason Priestley, it didn't make that much of a difference. While the show tried to end the season with a bang, it really did seem more like a whimper.

Later this week, we should know Tru's fate. Even then, it's not going to be a guarantee. With Fox making the decision to air new shows during the Summer, if one of these is a smash hit, Fox may shuffle the returning shows in the Fall. While I have have hopes that the series will return, Tru's fate may be up in the air here as well. I may or may not cover it if it returns, only because I choose to cover shows that I really enjoy watching. Not only did I fail to catch the 'Tru Calling' bug, but the Spoiler Community for the most part has shown a huge disinterest in the series as well. The big twist in the final episode didn't go unspoiled because it was a well-kept secret, it went unspoiled because nobody cared enough to spoil it.

I'll hold off on any decision until Fox makes their announcement, and might even give the first few episodes of next season a shot. But no guarantees.

Wonderfalls: The best series of the year, and one of the shortest-lived. I was looking forward to both 'Wonderfalls' and 'Still Life' this season, and only got a taste of both. I wanted more, and the only bright spot is that 'Still Life' may make it to air this Summer.

As for 'Wonderfalls', while it's chances as a full-fledged series are over, there is hope that the filmed episodes will make it to the airwaves or to DVD sometime in the near future.

While I will be taking down the Sidebar categories for 'Wonderfalls' Spoilers and News by the end of this month, I will archive the actual Spoiler page. I will also continue to post news about any TV broadcasts or DVD releases.

Dead Like Me: Season Two is being shot at this time, and should air in Early July. Everything looks good for this season, and hopefully there will be a Season Three to follow.

What does this all mean for the site. I'm really not certain at the moment. While I will definitely be covering at least one show into the future, the nature of that series means that there will be a rush of spoilers, then nothing for several months. Even if 'Tru Calling' is renewed and I continue to cover it, it still means a lot of downtime for the site.

I get many requests to cover other shows like 'Smallville' or 'Alias', all fan-favorites that could use a good dose of spoiling. However, the goal of the site has never been about quantity, but about quality. I personally don't watch 'Smallville', so it would be hard to sort the spoilers from the foilers. While I watch 'Alias', the nature of that show's scripting generates spoilers that one would think are foilers. There is a lot of 'creative rewriting' of the past, so what one would think would have to be fake, actually ends up being the truth. (and on a sidenote, is it just me, or did they just rip-off much of Buffy: Season Five this year)

I've gotten a large amount of interest, based on earlier comments, about covering the new 'Doctor Who' series. I do think that is a strong possibility, although much of it may not be much more than spoiling what is aired in England (think of it like a British site spoiling 'Angel', after it's aired in the United States). As for other series, much of it will depend on if I get into them and have a desire to seek spoilers for the shows. 'Point Pleasant' is one possibility, and there may be a few others. That's how both 'Dead Like Me' and 'Wonderfalls' were added to the site, and I'm always open to new shows.

No need to be worried, the site is not going anywhere. At the least, there is bound to be continued news about Joss Whedon's projects, and I will be following those (with the exception of 'Firefly'). Hopefully, we won't be Whedon-less for very long.

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