May 30, 2004

DLM: Episode 10 and 11

'DeadGirlWalking' wrote with spoilers for two more episodes of 'Dead Like Me'. The info she has is very brief, and only gives a small outline of what may be happening in the episode.
Dead Like Me: Death Defying (2.10)

Sorry for not having a lot for these two, my friend is kind of reluctant to reveal everything they know. I think there are some big things happening that nobody is talking about.

In the first episode, all I know about George is that she has to reap this guy who likes jumping off buildings. I guess he does it for thrills and calls himself Kid Icarus, has a big following. He gets George and Mason really mad, because he tells the audience that all the grim reapers can kiss his butt. George almost doesn't reap him until he dies, but ripples him at the last minute. Then she gets really mad at his soul and starts yelling at him. The crowd and his girlfriend see her yelling at thin air.

Daisy has to reap some tough guy at a bar, I guess he's going to die in a really bizarre way. Rube goes to the city archives, he's looking for information on a woman. My friend thinks it could be his wife or daughter.

Joy and Reggie discover that they have a really cute grocery delivery guy. I think Joy asks him out on a date. Then there is some kind of mix-up with whether Reggie is supposed to be with Clancy or Joy on the weekend of the date.

Dead Like Me: Ashes To Ashes (2.11)

This one I have even less on. All I know for sure is that Reggie falls in with the Goth crowd at school. She's befriended by a group of them, who think she's cool because of the way her sister died. They have a sleepover at Reggie's house, and Joy tries to be encouraging. Which kind of makes Reggie mad, as it's supposed to upset her instead.

George has to reap a homeless man, which starts a whole thing about having him properly buried. I don't think the soul wants it done, but the person who runs the shelter they were in. It will cost $400, and George really doesn't know what to do.

Daisy ends up getting back into acting, she appears on a Reality TV show.
That's all that she passed along, and there really isn't much to go on. I asked about Trip, if he appears in these episodes, and she said that's one of the questions that her friend wouldn't answer. Since there is so little 'George' time in this info, hard to say.

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