July 25, 2003

Dead Like Me Tidbits

Some news about 'Dead Like Me'.

One good thing about being in Vancouver this week, in addition to the Molson Indy race, is that Jewel Staite (who played Kaylee on 'Firefly'), is apparently in town shooting a guest spot for the 'Dead Like Me' finale. According to info posted at Fan Forum by LJC, she's going to be playing a goth girl. Whom according to the info that I have, is going to have a close encounter with Mason in a closet at the record store that she works at. Apparently, Reapers really turn her character on. This is the storyline where Mason is trying to pick up multiple women in a record store, and Daisy is coaching him on his technique.

I wanted to mention two 'Dead Like Me' sites that I've visited recently, both of which are called 'Dead Like Me Online'. Dead Like Me Online (1) is a nice site, and one of the first one's that I found when researching spoilers for the show. I also received an email from the owner of Dead Like Me Online (2) which also has a lot of good information. Be sure to check out both sites.

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