August 11, 2003

Site News: Changes, Feedback

As you may have noticed, I'm still working on aspects of the site here and there. One of the more noticeable will be the addition of acronyms at the start of each post title, which will indicate the show it's for (I had a number of comments that it was hard to tell from the Recent Entries on the side). It should be readily apparent, but ATS = "Angel: The Series", DLM = "Dead Like Me", and TC = "Tru Calling".

Been tweaking the various sites in the Daily Rounds and on the Spoiler Page. I pulled the SpoilerZone because I wasn't sure of it's status, and Wendy has announced that it will be hiatus until further notice. I added some other sites there, and have added a few more to the General Spoiler page. Aside from those I've mentioned in previous posts, I've also added Spike On Angel and Dirty Eliza Haven.

I've gotten a couple of emails and comments elsewhere about a lack of spoilage that originates from this site. Yes, it's true. As opposed to last season, I have fewer sources now versus what I had last year. The reason is twofold. First, some of my sources were Buffy-specific and are not in the Angel circles. The second reason is that there simply has not been enough time to generate new sources.

This isn't unusual, for most of the first year the site was covering spoilers, it was solely devoted to covering spoilers that were appearing on the internet, versus publishing spoilers of it's own. However, due to the popularity of the site and some lucky breaks, I began to pick up sources as Season Seven began. All of whom I appreciated a great deal, and provided some excellent spoilage throughout the season. Now, it's back to the beginning, a 'Tabula Rasa' of my own. But with a little patience (and a little luck), I'm hoping to cultivate some new sources for the shows that we're now covering.

Finally, I'm looking for some feedback on the site. It's been up and running for about two months under the new format, and I'm curious to hear what you think. Are there areas that could be improved? Are there things that don't make sense, or provide too little information? Is there too much information.

Email your thoughts and comments to I will be posting some of your comments and responding to your feedback here, on the site, over the next few days.

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