August 29, 2003

DLM: Episode Synopsises-es

On the offical MGM 'Dead Like Me' site, they've put up mini-summaries for all the rest of the episodes of the first season. These will follow below, but I wanted to touch on a couple of future and past spoilers for the show first

One of the hardest things coming into a show late, and beginning to rank spoilers after just having seen it for the first time, is that there really isn't much to go on. Which is why the spoilers for the first season of 'Dead Like Me' are few and far between.

The other issue, is not knowing how much tweaking will actually go on behind the scenes. As it stands right now, I've been unable to compare info I've gotten against the actual episode. Which is why I wasn't too surprised that the spoiler 'George saves Charlotte from killing herself', really didn't turn out to be true. The original source was FilmJerk, who pulled that info from casting notices, and in the end it's turns out that they didn't use that plot in the episode. I've also gotten conflicting info about 'Unfinished Business', but the good news is that finally I'll be able to compare spoilage against what actually ends up happening (so don't expect all the spoilers for this episode to be correct either).

In any event, it appears that 'Dead Like Me' will go through a bit more tweaking from early scripts to final product, than other shows have in the past. With 'BtVS', oftentimes the spoilers didn't vary much from the final product (well, with the exception of Kennedy, she was not what I was expected from the early news I had about her character). So bear with me as we go through a few spoiler bumps for the first season of 'Dead Like Me' and more than likely, 'Tru Calling'

Now onto the synopsises-es.
The Bicycle Thief

After George informs Delores that she's found another higher-paying job and will be leaving Happy Time, a bereft Delores organizes a going away party. Mason takes the souls of a gay, together-forever couple, while Daisy is called to task by the soul of a young painter who won't cross over. And when JD the dog runs away from the Lass home, Reggie, Joy and Clancy blame each other as they search for the glue of the family.


Unable to sleep and reflecting on her life (and afterlife), George heads to the Waffle Haus where she finds the reapers filling out evaluations under Rube's watchful eye. After glimpsing a post-it which lists her family's address, George disobeys Rube and rushes to the Lass house.


When the Gravelings take the day off, our reapers are stuck cleaning up an ensuing filing fiasco. Although the filing gets underway at Der Waffle Haus, George convinces Rube to move the operation after hours to Happy Time, where computers and modern technology are available. Meanwhile, George is distressed to see Joy, Clancy and Reggie heading to the family cabin without her. George reflects on the family's happier times at the cabin, as we see her parent's marriage fall apart.

Rest In Peace

The Lass family is preparing to visit George's gravesite, where her headstone is being set. Meanwhile, Rube pops a soul of a yoga teacher who, surprisingly, can't wait to embrace the great beyond. Elsewhere, Mason embraces a young woman who puts an end to his sexual dry streak after he divulges his undead secret identity. And back at Happy Time, George asks Delores for her job back. In the end, the reapers gather at George's gravesite.
Pretty much fits what I spoiled, with a few changes here and there. So not too bad for the first season, but not perfect. That should about do it for any new spoilage for Season One of the show, hopefully it won't be too long before we start hearing info about Season Two.

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