November 24, 2003

Holiday Hiatus

Very little action on all the Spoiler fronts. I have a feeling that either shooting is on hold for the Thanksgiving break, or very little if any will come about over this period as other sources, etc, may be taking a break for the holidays.

But I've been wrong before, so I will be keeping an eye out for anything to pop up. I would expect a few things to break over the next week, though probably nothing major.

I haven't updated the page yet, but it does appear that 'Angel' will be away for the next month, as Matt Roush of TV Guide has posted it as such. I do know that next week 'Conviction' will repeat, so I will hash together the repeat schedule on the front page as info comes in. My guess, would be only one or two episodes at most before February Sweeps.

As for 'Tru', it would appear to be new episodes for at least two, if not three weeks of December. But the jury is still out on the decision for the shows future. I still have not seen a solid confirm that any episodes past the first thirteen have been ordered, and it's ratings have not improved one bit. Hopefully, there will be some good news by year's end on the show.

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