December 13, 2003

Site News: Q & A

All quiet on the news front, so time for another round of Q & A. Read on to find answers to some of the questions that fans of the Site have asked via e-mail over the past two weeks.
Clarida asks: "In the episode where they all dream about the first slayer (I forget the name of it) What is with the guy with the cheese?"

The mystery of the Cheese Man is revealed in Joss Whedon's commentary on the Season Four DVD's. In a nutshell, he means nothing. Joss threw the character in to symbolize the strangeness of dreams. That it ended up being a useful way of tying together everyone's dreams, was probably just an additional plus.

Sam writes (in reference to my mention of adding forums in the last Q & A session): "You could create a ezboard messageboard instead of a forum it is simple and not much work."

I have looked into EZboards, but since I'm so anti-popup and advertising I haven't really investigated it further. The ads can be disabled, it requires signing up for a Pro Board, which in itself can become quite costly. Plus, boards themselves require quite a bit of moderation as well. Forums are something that I'm always considering, but the most important consideration is making sure they wouldn't detract from the overall quality or feel of the site.

BoydRules asks: "What happened to the UK links for DVD's and Buffy products? I haven't seen their links lately, and I'd like to show my support for the site. PS: Your wish list doesn't seem to be working either."

Unfortunately, with part of the changes to the site design, I had to take down the international stores. While I don't foresee setting up full stores for either the UK or Canada, I will investigate getting standard Amazon links up to those sites, where you can shop from and help support the site. You can also help support the site by purchasing Spoiler Slayer merchandise through CafeShops. As for the Amazon wishlist, I guess it's been broken for a while. I've fixed it so that it works again.

Chris writes: "I was looking over the Buffy and Angel DVD's on and I thought "Why doesnt the Spoilerslayer have a section where Tensai reviews the DVDs and which have the best extras and commentaries etc." Just a suggestion though since most of what you post is news and spoilers. I really do enjoy it when you give us your review of episodes and seasons and whats on your mind regarding the series."

This is a really interesting suggestion, and I know that although I never really reviewed the DVD's, in the past there was probably more commentary than strictly news and spoilers. I do comment usually on most spoilers, but after Buffy ended I decided not to do reviews of the shows or episodes. So the question is, is this something that you want to see. Since the last poll was very useful in helping determine that you wanted more news, I'm doing another on this topic. Check it out at Yahoo! Groups. If you aren't a member of the Yahoo! Groups or can't complete the poll. Feel free to send me your thoughts via e-mail.

Elly asks: "Have you ever thought of doing a 'Day In The Life' or some kind of overview of the Spoiler Slayer and how you put it together, gather spoilers and news, or something along those lines?" - which goes hand in hand with Tuesday-Dawnz question: "How about a little section with a "This day in spoiler history", that would talk about old spoilers."

I like both of these ideas, and I have kicked around the thought of doing a quick little video or picture overview of how the site works. I know that as a fan of Webcomics (see Megatokyo and Real Life Comics and Penny Arcade), I enjoy seeing the true workspace of the artists (and sometimes how it differs from their comic personas). So I will look into that for sure.

I also like the links or comments on past stories/spoilers, which with the site being over two years old, is certainly doable. Look for a possible addition along these lines in the coming week (which is when I really celebrate the site's birthday, since December 17th is essentially the day that The Spoiler Slayer became it's own site separate from Ten's Domain.)
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