January 27, 2004

Site News: RSS Testing

I have a special request for anyone who is currently subscribing to the site updates using an RSS newsreader. I've had a standard RSS 1.0 feed up for a while, which is accessible at www.spoilerslayer.com/index.rdf. I've been working on an official RSS 2.0 feed, and I'm currently testing it for compatibility. This feed is available at www.spoilerslayer.com/index.xml . Feel free to use them with your favorite flavor newsreader.

Note: If you want more info about RSS newsreaders/aggregators. Check out All About RSS || Fagan Finder.


Rather than use the feedback email address for any issues or suggestions, I'm actually moving this discussion over to my weblog. So if you have any input, please go to this thread 'RSS Testing For Spoilerslayer.com', and use the comments field for feedback, etc. I'd also be interested in just hearing from you if you are using RSS, and it's working.

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