January 30, 2004

ATS/TC: News Wrap 1/30

Angel News

The trailer for "You're Welcome" is now up at The WB's site.

The Hollywood Reporter has several stories on 'Angel', focusing mainly on the soon-to-be-aired 100th episode.

'Angel' 100th Episode
Genre Busters
Masters of Illusion
Groovy Ghoulies

Tru Calling

Fox has released their schedule for February sweeps, and the biggest surprise is that we're only going to see two episodes of 'Tru Calling' this time around. (source: The Futon Critic)

February 5th: The Longest Day
February 12th: Valentine
February 19th: Planet Of The Apes (Movie)
February 26th: American Pie 2 (Movie)

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