February 05, 2004

Site News: Still Updating

After the big news rush earlier this week, things have been quiet the past few days. I'm still working on tweaks to the site, the goal is to streamline some of the things that happen behind the scenes. Why? Because on average, I spend at least an hour a day reading news, checking spoilers, and updating things here and there.

While I liked the concept of having a daily News Wrap, it was eating up a significant chunk of time. In addition, half the time I would see them earlier in the morning, and have to try and remember what to post. So instead of having to collate them at the end of the day, I've added the 'Daily News From Around The Web' at the top of the 'News and Spoilers' page. This will be updated throughout the day as I come across stories or interviews or reviews of interest, and show the last 8 stories posted.

At this time, these posts won't be showing up in the Yahoo! Mailings or on the RSS Feeds. However, if I get the chance, I'll rectify at least one of those issues this weekend. You may have also noticed that it broke what little Netscape 4.x support I've been able to coax out of the code, that's been fixed.

Slightly off-topic, but just to prove that my powers of speculation aren't always entirely off-base...

Check out what I had to say about today's 'Tru Calling' episode over 2 and 1/2 months ago.

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