February 08, 2004

Site News: New Store Items

Just a heads up that the 'Angel' Season 3 DVD sets will be available this Tuesday, I should also note that the release date for Season 6 of Buffy was moved up, it will arrive on May 25th.

A few people wrote to let me know that both the 'Fray' graphic novel and the 'Dead Like Me' DVD's are available to order. Fray is out now, however, the 'Dead Like Me' DVD's can be pre-ordered and will be out on May 4th. This is the perfect way for those who don't have Showtime, to get a chance to see this excellent series.

As always, using any of the Amazon links on the site, donates a small percentage of the sale to the site. It's a great way to help the support the site and keep us up and running.

Thanks for all of your support.

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