February 14, 2004

DLM: Episode Two Info

'DeadGirlWalking' has provided us with some information on 'Dead Like Me' Episode Two. Called 'The Ledger', the info is a bit sketchy but does have some interesting revelations.
Dead Like Me: The Ledger (2.2) - Courtesy of DeadGirlWalking

Early on, George's bike is stolen, so she has no way of getting to work. George goes to the police station to file a report about her stolen bike. The cops really don't care, it's just a bike. It doesn't help that George is in a hurry because she's going to be late for work.

When George gets to work at Happy Time, she finds out that everyone is in a special meeting. They brought in someone to talk about office theft. She and the speaker kind of get into it.

George later goes off to her reaper assignment, which is at a grocery store. There, she participates in a demonstration of a new food processor. The guy who is running it gets his tie caught in the machine and gets processed. George takes his car after he ascends.

George goes to her old house, which is on the market. She gets a realtor to show it to her and when she goes nobody is at the house. George sits a while in her old room.

A couple other things. I guess George's parents are getting divorced. That's why the house is up for sale. Mason has been acting strange for a while. I think he's stopped drinking and is scamming people out of their money with some kind of shell game and later he's selling those food processors. I guess they were in the car?
Not much info, but it's interesting that it looks as if Clancy and Joy are getting divorced. Which means that Season Two will continue to follow the story of George's family.

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