February 22, 2004

TC: Tru Season Two?

There are reports, at Budweiser.com of all places, that 'Tru Calling' has been signed for a second season.

This is also mentioned at Tru-Fate.com, and on the Official Fox Boards where MoonFrost posts the response he got from the Budweiser.com website.

So is it True...

From what I've heard up until this point, everything was riding on how the show performs with Jason Priestley. Which won't be known until late March at the earliest. My guess is that Budweiser had this written well in advance, and it is actually reference the show being picked up for the rest of this season. However, in the beginning, Fox did say they would stand behind certain shows (and I recall they referenced 'Tru Calling' specifically). So it's possible that regardless of how it fares this season, Fox is ready to give it a second chance up against a 'Friends'-free Thursday next season.

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