February 29, 2004

TC: Episode 19 Info

Information has come out on 'Tru Calling' episode 19. A couple of big surprises in this episode, which should really start to build up the final few episodes. It's hard to tell from the count, but there may be as little as two episodes remaining. (because previous news is that they only picked up enough episodes to film 21 this season)
Tru Calling 1.19

The episode centers around a doctor (Dr. Colvin) who passes away from a heart attack. While Tru can't save him, he asks her to 'Help Them'. Not knowing who it is, she has to figure out who is in trouble. The big news is that at this point, Jack knows that she's repeating the days and is 'helping' her in this episode.

Lindsay is having problems deciding what to do about Randall (a new man in her life, introduced in the previous episode), Tru tries to reassure her. After she gets off the phone, she talks with Jack about it. Seems that Tru is trying to convince Lindsay not to say 'yes'

Tru and Jack are on their way to Marc's apartment. When they arrive, they have to deliver the news to Marc about his father's death. Although he's shocked, he doesn't seem hurt. He refuses to go to the morgue to identify the body, and explains that they didn't get along. His father didn't care about anything but his work, so he tells them to check the office.

Harrison calls the morgue, looking for Tru. Davis picks up instead. Harrison wants to talk to Tru about Lindsay, and Davis figures it's about Randall's proposal. Which shocks Harrrison, as he didn't know about Randall. They end their discussion, I believe talking about Jack. Harrison thinks there's something about him that bothers him, almost like he doesn't fear death.

Tru and Jack are now at the medical office. Jack wants to know how Tru manages to save people. She finds ways, and then inquires what Jack does in these situations. (???)

They enter a very busy office, where one of the patients, Nadine is waiting to talk to the doctor. Gail, who is the office manager, is busy answering the phone and trying to keep things under control. She asks Nadine to wait a bit longer, but she walks out instead. When there's a break, Jack explains why they are there, and asks if she'll come down to the morgue to identify the body.

Gail manages to stay in control long enough to get everyone in the office aware of what needs to be done next. Then she starts to break down, revealing to Tru and Jack that Dr. Colvin was more than a boss to her. Gail suddenly remembers that Lily, a waitress that Dr. Colvin is tutoring, is waiting for him across the street. Tru ask Gail to stay, they'll go tell Lily.

As they head to the shop, Jack wonders if this is who Dr. Colvin meant when he said 'help them'. Tru doesn't know, it could be anyone he knows. She has no idea who is going to die today. Tru then approaches Lily to break the news to her.

Tru heads back to Marc's apartment. She hears Marc and Gail arguing, about how he won't go down and identify the body. Tru walks in, explaining that he needs to come down to the morgue. Marc doesn't care, because his father abandoned him when he decided to be an artist rather than a doctor. The fact that he's a good man doesn't matter to him, his father would rather spend time with those interested in his field, than his own son. He asks both Gail and Tru to leave.

Harrison, in the meantime, is confronting Randall. Randall reaches for something in his jacket, Harrison thinks it might be a gun. What he pulls out is an engagement ring. He's just been promoted but will be transferred to London. He wants Lindsay to come with him. Harrison realizes at this point that he's going to lose her.

Back at Dr. Colvin's office, Tru is talking with Gail. Gail confesses that she always loved him, but she doesn't know if he really knew. She never told him, she always though there would be more time. She notices a medical record out, and realizes that it's Nadine's (from earlier in the day). Another Doctor had ruled her symptoms as cancerous, however Gail and Tru realize that the new test results show that it wasn't cancer. Tru realizes who Nadine is, and that Jack picked up her body during the first pass through the day (she was a suicide). They try to call her with no success.

Tru calls Jack at the morgue, telling him that's who was going to die. She suddenly realizes that Jack knew who she was, but he plays dumb. She remembers that he looked her right in the face when she left the office earlier in the day.

At Dr. Colvin's house, Tru asks Gail if there is anything else she can do. Lily shows up to return a book he lent her. As Tru follows them deeper into the house, she discovers that the person Dr. Colvin really wanted to help was he son. She stares at wonder at what fills the room they've just walked into.

Tru manages to convince Marc to sign the papers allowing the body to be released to Gail, but she makes him come to the house to sign them. At the house, Tru walks him into the room. Where he sees, on every wall and every available space, his paintings. His father has been buying them for years. He always cared, he just couldn't tell his son.

The episode closes on Tru walking past Luc (they've been avoiding each other for some time). Tru stops him this time, it's time to talk. They can't put things off, expecting that there'll be another day to say the things they want to.

That's all I got.
Looks to be a good episode, as the story arc with Jack is really beginning to pick up. At first, it looked like he wanted to help Tru, but by the end it's apparent that he's not who he seems to be. Or at least, that's the way it looks from what I can tell. He knew that Nadine was going to die, but doesn't appear to want to save her. However, this could be a mislead, as I don't know what happens after this. It could be that after Tru goes back to talk with Marc, that Jack goes and saves Nadine.

But you know what? The show would be so much more interesting if he was evil. Because right now, the show is really lacking a villain, and could use a good one.

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