November 27, 2003

Site News: Changes And Updates

Since I had the day off, I decided to do a bit of site maintenance. You'll note a number of minor changes around the site, which hopefully will provide a better user experience. You can read more about the individual changes below. I've also updated the Spoilers page for 'Angel', and updated the schedule on the Home Page ( 'Just Rewards' will air on December 10th).

Happy Thanksgiving
The major change is to the Archives. The list was getting bit lengthy and eating too much sidebar space. There is now an Archive page that lists all the news posts by Year and Month. I've also moved the link to the Archive into the Site Navigation box.

Cleaned up the actual Spoiler pages a bit. Currently, I have pulled the 'False Spoilers' section on the Spoiler pages for this season, if only because there really haven't been any worthy of mentioning. Most of the time, the false spoilage is debunked very soon after it surfaces.

This is the debate that I'm having with myself right now, because as time goes on, the actual ranking and tracking is becoming less and less of an issue. The number of false spoilers or foilage has diminished greatly over the past two seasons, so the majority of the ranking is just going from 'Likely' to 'Confirmed'.

I'm considering two options. The first would be a Spoiler page that would simply link to a summary for all the spoilers currently out for that episode, collating all the News Posts that have come out for that episode. However, I know a lot of fans don't want full details on the episodes and are just looking for brief spoilers that hit the main points of the episode (essentially the format the site is currently using). Which leads me to the second concept, which would be the current format with a link at the top of each episode for the full Spoiler recap.

I've also changed the Contact page a bit, mentioning that any email may be posted in part or whole on the site. Since I get a lot of mail asking the same questions, I'm going to begin doing a regular Question and Answer post to the site, where I will answer some of the more commonly asked questions. Expect to see the first Q & A post later today.

That pretty much caps the changes that have been made. As always, any suggestions or ideas or issues are always welcome at

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