November 27, 2003

Site News: Questions and Answers

As mentioned in the post from earlier today, Question and Answer will be a new feature where I address questions that I receive from fans of the site via e-mail. The majority of email that I receive often covers different aspects of the same topic (for example, the false 'Chosen' spoiler generated over 25 emails over the course of weekend), or it's something that may interest more than just the one person who is asking the question.

Since I only recently updated the Contact page to indicate that email may be posted in part or in whole on the site, I won't identify the asker in this first installment. However, in the future, I will credit them by named unless asked specifically to not do so.

Onto the Q & A.
Many fans wrote to ask the following: "There is a story making the rounds that Showtime has signed Sarah Michelle Gellar and others to a new Buffy spin-off, entitled 'Chosen'. This series is supposed to air on Showtime next year."

I did see this news shortly after it surfaced, although the site it appeared on has a dubious record at best when it comes to spoilers. The spoiler/story was supposed to have appeared in a legitimate news source, written by an entertainment reporter. However, it was a simple matter to go to the website for that source and verify that it had never been posted. In addition, the story was filled with inaccurate information and misspelled the name of every actor on the series.

At this time, nearly two weeks have passed since the foiler first appeared and it has failed to be confirmed by any other source.

Many have also mentioned the following: "Alyson Hannigan has been signed to a development deal with NBC, and David Boreanaz is directing Episode 10 of 'Angel' this year"

True and True. Since I try to focus on the real spoilerly information, I may not have the chance to post on some of the more minor details. Such as what's up with old Buffy alumni (Danny Strong is appearing on 'Gilmore Girls') or writing or directing details for the episodes. However, I do realize that some of you may want the details. In order to better gauge the need to post this info, I've created a poll at the Yahoo! Groups page for the site.

Question: "I like the new design, but I'm having problems finding 'insert page here' from the old site. Is it gone or just moved? Also, it seems that there are very few stories for any of the Categories."

Most of the layout of the site has stayed the same. The common request is where the 10 most recent Spoilers have gone. Because the site is spoiling multiple shows, and because not everyone may wished to be spoiled on everything, that aspect of the site was removed. The pages track the spoilers by episode/series are still on the site, and can be found under the Spoiler Summaries. The links at the top of that page will take you to pages to a specific shows spoilers. Also, from the Home Page of the site, if you click on the Show Title above the 'Last Updated', you will arrive at the Spoiler Page for that show.

As for the Categories, when you click on those links they were only listing the latest 10 stories in that Category. Mainly, because after a few months, the pages would take forever to load. However, that wasn't immediately obvious. So I've upped the number of entries to 20 and posted a header indicating that it's just the Twenty Most Recent Entries.

Question: "What happened to the summaries that Eljay was providing? They were awesome and I hope they haven't stopped writing them."

When I first began posting those summaries, I did not know how long they would continue coming in. I had a feeling that they may only be available for a limited time, and that appears to have been the case. In the interim, I am providing the link to Pandora's summaries at the Mythical-Boards. Since Pandora seems okay with them being posted in their entirety elsewhere, as long as they are properly credited, I may post them directly here. But in the meantime, I highly recommend checking out the site.

Question: "Have you considered adding comments or a forum?"

Yes, I have on more than a few occasions. The number one issue used to be the increased bandwidth, but maybe not so much anymore. However, both comments and a forum would be an increased workload, and I'm really not sure that the Pros would outweigh the Cons. I am toying with an alternate method of commenting that would allow fans to post their thoughts, but to keep it tightly moderated as well. I'll definitely keep this one on the back burner.

Question: "Have you thought of covering 'insert show name here' Spoilers on the site"

If I were a rich man, and didn't have to work a day job, I think this would be a definitive yes. It's a question of doing it right. I could think of a dozen shows I would love to spoil in addition to the three I'm handling right now, but it would be too much work for one person. My goal is to go for quality over quantity.

Which is not to say that the Site's scope will not be expanding in the future. It all depends on what show catches my eye, what info I can get on the show, and if if it fits in with the look/feel of the site. If 'Dead Like Me' or 'Tru Calling' did not succeed, I had contingency plans. I even had plans if 'Angel' had not been picked up for another season.

I will make one promise. If the rumors of a return of 'Doctor Who' turn out to be correct, or if any other 'Buffy-verse' spin-off appears, this site will be there to cover them.
That should do it for the first regular installment of the 'Spoiler Slayer: Questions and Answers'. Got a question or comment, be sure to pass it along to

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