December 03, 2003

TC: 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' Summary

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Tru goes to a beauty pageant that Lindsay has helped put together. One of the contestants, Jackie, was found dead and poisoned in a dressing room. The pageant is being sponsored by a cosmetic companies presidents, Julian and Adrian Barnes. The day repeats.

Lindsay gets Tru into the pageant as a replacement for a contestant. Tru meets Jackie and her chief rival, Alex (played by Clare Kramer). It turns out that Jackie isn't as into the pageant as some of the others. As they get ready backstage, Jackie discovers that her ex-boyfriend, Tyler, has shown up in New York. He wants to get her back.

Tru tries to convince Jackie to drop out, but she won't. Jackie then discovers that the pageant is fixed, Alex is sleeping with Julian and is blackmailing him with a tape. Jackie tells Tru, and starts to remove her mascara with some makeup remover (the poison is in it).

The host announces that the winner of the competition is... Alex. Tru confronts Julian about the murder attempt, but it turns out that it's not him. It was his wife who was behind it, she knew about the affair all along.

Official Descriptions

When a beauty contestant turns up dead backstage at a pageant, Tru's day rewinds and she enters the pageant herself to try preventing the victim's death. Meanwhile, Tru also has to confront her feelings about Luc when she learns he has a date with someone new in the episode "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Thursday, March 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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