January 22, 2004

TC: Episode 16 Info

A small bit of information has come out about Episode 16 of 'Tru Calling'. Just like 'The Getaway', it's very limited info but does a good job of laying out the plot of the episode.
Death Becomes Her

In this episode, Tru has to save the life of an actress, Carly Anders. She was killed in a car accident, when her car went off a bridge and ended up sinking into the river.

Early in the episode, Tru and Harrison are out buying her a car. They've just closed the deal. Harrison comments that she can do anything she wants, like visit their mother's grave. Tru confesses that she hasn't been there in a while, and may not go back. Harrison thinks she's crazy for being mad at their mother for not telling them about her secret. He then heads off, as he and Lindsay are having dinner with Lindsay's sister that night.

That evening, Davis is brushing up Tru on the protocol for the celebrity who will be visiting today. Stressing that she needs to remain cool. At which point, we are introduced to Carly and her assistant. Davis is a bit flustered, but Tru is able to pick up the slack and conduct a tour for Carly.

Carly has explained that she's preparing for an upcoming role, and she grills Tru about the details of her job. In addition, she starts to fire off a number of hypothetical questions about how they declare a person dead, if they don't have a body. Carly's assistant goes off, leaving Tru and Carly alone. Carly asks about how Tru ended up in this job, and then talks a bit about the pressure and expectations that come with being an actress, fulfilling that calling. She almost thinks she'd be better off in Tru's shoes.

(large gap)

Carly's car sinks into the water. Tru arrives, thinking that she's too late. However, Carly is still up on the bridge that the car went off of, calling into emergency services, pretending that she's being following and is trying frantically to get away. Tru approaches her, saying that she won't get away with it. Carly moves to leave, when another car races around the corner and is about to run her over. Tru pushes her out of the way at the last instant, and realizes what really happened.

Carly was trying to fake her own death, but as she was leaving the scene of her 'accident', the other car hit her and knocked her body into the river. She was trying to do it to protect a secret, about her and other person, Isabelle. (no idea who Isabelle is, could be a daughter, might be a lover).

Tru knows about this, and about keeping secrets. She tries to convince Carly not to take this route. But Carly has no choice, she's being blackmailed by a man named Peter. She tried to pay him off, but it didn't work. So that's why she came up with this plan, so she and Isabelle can go off an live in another country. They're leaving tonight. Carly begs Tru to let her go.

Later, the police are finishing up their investigation of the accident scene. Carly, or her body, are nowhere to be found. Davis is there with Tru, and he wonders if she's doing the right thing. Tru isn't sure, but it's really not her decision to make. Davis agrees, sometimes not everyone needs help staying 'alive'.

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