January 22, 2004

TC: 'Death Becomes Her' Summary

This represents a brief summary of Tru Calling Episode 16: Death Becomes Her. It will be updated as new articles or info is posted. More detailed and complete information can be found in the original articles or additional sources.

Tru has to save the life of a famous actress, Carly Anders, who is killed in a car accident. Carly goes to the morgue to study for a new role, and seems to be probing Tru for more than just tips on the role. She wants to know how a person can be declared dead, if the body is never found. Somebody is blackmailing Carly, so she wants to fake her own death.

Tru doesn't know this, and arrives to late to stop Carly's car from going into the river. However, she's shocked to find that Carly is still alive. Carly explains what she was planning, and just then a car comes around the corner. Tru manages to push Carly to safety, and realizes that this is what killed her on the first pass through the day. Although she saved Carly, Tru faces a dilemma about whether to help her succeed in her plan, or to reveal all to the authorities.

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