March 06, 2004

Site News: Updates

If you head on over to the Spoiler Summary pages, you will notice that almost everyone has been updated. In addition, I've made some changes to the actual spoiler listings. Since there really isn't much of a need to track 'false spoilage' anymore, I pulled that information a few months back.

Since that time, I've gotten many requests to keep the old information from episodes that have aired up on the pages. Before, this wasn't realistic because the false spoilers were taking up a good chunk of space. Now that I've scrapped that, it was a simple matter to implement the spoilers for previously aired episodes.

From this point on, the top of the spoiler summary pages will list spoilers for episodes that have yet to air (so you get the most recent spoilage at the top), but if you scroll down, you will see the past spoilers for episodes that have already aired.

I've also gotten more than few emails, as I usually do, asking if I will be covering other shows in the future. Especially once 'Angel' is gone, and if the two 'Fox' shows don't make it to the 2004-2005 season. The two most commonly requested shows are 'Alias' and 'Smallville'. I can pretty well guarantee that regardless of what happens, I will not be covering either of those shows on the site. I gave up watching 'Smallville' shortly after the start of the second season, and as for 'Alias', I really do prefer to remain unspoiled. The same holds true for some of my other favorite shows, like 'Gilmore Girls' and 'The West Wing'. If I do pick up new shows, it will likely be those that may not be airing in the States, so I'll be seeing the spoilers anyway. ('Doctor Who' comes to mind, and I would do 'Coupling', but I don't think it would fit the site's theme). I expect that there may be the occasional new show that might pique my interest, but until they hit the air, it will be hard to say which shows those would be.

But at the moment, all my energy is devoted to getting the news out about 'Wonderfalls'. Not since the 'X-Files', have I been so excited to admit that I'm staying home on Friday nights to watch TV.

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