March 08, 2004

DLM: Episode 4

I receive a small bit of information on the fourth episode of 'Dead Like Me' from 'DeadGirlWalking'. The episode is to be titled, 'Shallow End' and appears to feature an interesting revelation about George.
Dead Like Me: Shallow End (2.4)

You had talked about how George's story seems to revolve around Happy Time this season, and my friend agrees. She says that this time we find out that George/Millie has a fan club at Happy Time. I guess all the office geeks are fascinated by her, and one of them has a major crush on her. George likes him too and somehow she figures out that people like her more when she's rude to them.

The reason why that's important is because there's this flashback to when George was young. George goes to a pool with one of her friends. Some really popular girls are there, and they try to get George to do something to her friend. George is too nice and doesn't do it, but they ask her friend the same thing and she does do something.

She pushes George into the pool and she hits her head. George is going to drown and as she sinks, she sees two gravelings come out of the drain and look at her. Then they change their mind and go back, because the parents at the pool save George.

In the present Mason goes to the same pool, where he has an appointment with an older man. He has some kind of diving accident, and Mason has problems because the guy doesn't want to move on right away. He ends up taking him to see Rube.

There's also something going on with Daisy, like she's trying to find God. My friend said that she's started praying and maybe even going to church. She also said in an earlier episode she's admiring crosses and one of the souls gives her one of theirs.

Not much about George's family, except that Joy and Reggie go shopping. I guess Joy is looking to appear a little less married.
Not much to add in the way of thoughts. I do find it interesting that we are not only getting a lot of 'George at Happy Time', but also quite a bit of 'Young George'. The info about Daisy is also intriguing, have to wonder where that storyline is going.

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